by Mournful Winter

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released November 9, 2014

All songs written by Tenebros, all instruments played by Tenebros.



all rights reserved


Mournful Winter Germany

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Track Name: Into the Eternal Void
My lifeblood is draining away
Why are we walking these plains?
Every step brings you closer
To the edge of reality

Lifetime is just a grain of sand
In the eternal existence of time
Throwing an excoriating shadow
Burying my last ambitions

Into the Eternal Void
No return
Consuming me

My mortal shell turns to dust
My soul gets lost in the void of eternity
Vanities deaden my feelings
Meandering all day long

Death is not the end
Only an unknown frontier
Darkness and emptiness wait for me
To consume the last essence of life in me

Into the Eternal Void
No return
Consuming me
Track Name: Under a Wintermoon
Fir trees moan in the wind
Blaze my trail through snow
Remorseless and lethal chill
Hidden by an abysmal beauty

Icicles reflecting pale moonlight
Looking in a distorted mirror
Deceptive but captivating
Weakened by the force of winter

My traces disappear as I walk
Redeeming my future and my past
Unable to behold my entire shadow
A slipping sign of my identity

They don't know what I hide
They'd despise it if they knew
Scars will remember silently
Not even this mournful winter...
...could release me
Track Name: Ancient Forest
The air is muggy
Filled with moldy smell
Death and decay surround me
No wind, no sound... just silence

The trees are old and rotten
Their hearts are filled with wrath
Nourished by their acrimony
They tarry here for ages

My heart is pounding
My veins are boiling by the hate
My eyes burn, I cannot see
Hell awaits for me

Spirits of Vengeance
Years of acrimony
Hearts poisoned by wrath
Ancient Forest

Lost path without return
I'm going down there at last
I cannot feel my body anymore
But where is the last barrier?

Spirits of Vengeance
Years of acrimony
Hearts poisoned by wrath
Ancient Forest

My spirit awakes
From an age old dream
My rotten corpse below
I’m already beyond
Living a curse of infinite dreams…
Track Name: Lost Wisdom (Burzum Cover)
While we may believe
our world - our reality
to be that is - is but one
manifestation of the essence

Other planes lie beyond the reach
of normal sense and common roads
But they are no less real
than what we see or touch or feel

Denied by the blind church
'cause these are not the words of God
- the same God that burnt the